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For centuries women have fought unwanted body hair. Whether it is genetics, hormonal imbalances or due to medication, having unwanted hair on the body is embarrassing. This condition has a medical term, known as Hirsutism. This medical term refers to excessive hair on women in those parts of the body where hair does not normally occur or is generally smaller amounts. Examples of these areas include the face and chest. While not painful, this condition is embarrassing and can be difficult to deal with.

One of the newest and best forms of effective hair removal is done by a laser. While laser removal is not for everybody, there are a many people that can be helped by this amazing procedure. Patients who are good candidates for laser hair removal willnotice that the laser can do away with or greatly reduce the hair growth issue. The results may vary based on the skin type, hair type and colour, however more often than not; this form of hair removal is extremely effective.


While it is marketed as a new treatment method, it has actually been around since 1969. Old fashioned methods of hair removal included removing the hair follicle one at a time. Not only was it painful, but a labour intensive task as well. During the 1990’s, laser hair removal became a more effective means to get rid of unwanted hair. While the technology is still being refined today, it is a great alternative to shaving. Those who are looking for permanent methods to rid themselves of unwanted hair should look to laser hair removal. Today, laser removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures.

For women, it is often that peach fuzz on the sides of their face, or the dreaded mustache. Laser removal is a viable option that has helped millions of people. While mostly women take advantage of this method of removal, men can find the benefits too. What exactly is laser removal? It is a pulsating beam of light that is intensive. The light travels into the skin and targets the dark pigment or melanin in the hair. It kills the hair follicle allowing the hair to slide free. The time each laser session takes will depend upon the amount of hair, the area of the body and the skin colour. For most, it takes six to eight treatments to be hair-free. Most patients see drastic improvements within the first and second visit.

To find out if a person is a good candidate, they must talk with a technician from an experienced clinic, such as the Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics (visit them They will evaluate both the hair and skin colour to see if the laser is a good option. Like with any cosmetic or medical procedure, there is a small chance of side effects. Mostly, the area of treatment may be warm and may have a slight sunburnt sensation. Some have darkening or a lightened area of the skin where the laser came in contact. The process is not painful; in fact, some describe it as feeling like a rubber band snapping the skin and a warm sensation. The best course of action is to havea licensed technician perform the procedure to ensure that the risks are minimal.

Keep in mind the cost of different hair extensions before going for a hair extension solution

Hair is, without a doubt, one of the prominent features in men and women alike. In simple words, it makes or breaks one’s personality and when one, especially a woman, starts to lose hair then there could be nothing more worrisome than that. However, with numerous innovations in the technology, you don’t have to worry a lot about your hair fall as there are a number of hair extension salons present out there that caters well to the demands of people suffering from hair loss through their excellent hair extension services. Their fantastic hair extensions will help you to cover your receding hairline without anyone noticing it and helps immensely in getting your lost confidence back within a matter of some time.

Since there are a number of hair extension salons available in major cities therefore it sometimes gets confusing for the person as to which salon to go to; their cost of hair extension also differs from each other which make it even more confusing. However, most of the salons charge you for the services that they would offer you. For instance, if you wish to apply hair extension to only half of your head, then that would cost differently than what you would have paid for full head or a three quarter head extension.

Another thing to take care of is that not only the hair extension cost differs on the basis of the amount of head covered; they also differ on the basis of the hairs that are used in the extension process. For example, a hair extension from the real virgin European hair would cost you differently than a European virgin hair.

The hair extension cost as has been fixed by many of the hair extension salons also depends largely on the length of the extension. The most prominent lengths up to which the hair extensions are performed start from the least minimum of 14 inches and goes on till 26 inches and needless to say that the 26 inches hair extensions are costlier than 14 inches.

Therefore, keep the abovementioned points in mind before going to any hair extension salons in order to get your lost confidence back without suffering a huge dent on your pocket.

Now get the World class hair treatment for your hair at affordable prices with your favorite hair salon

Everybody loves to care for their beauty and everyone wants to look their best and the most attractive. Changing your appearance starts with the hair. Therefore it is always said that hair enhances your beauty and this is the reason that the hair care market has grown so tremendously. Not just women but also men are very conscious of how their hair look.

Long, thick and shiny hair is high on everyone’s list. But the daily exposure to dust, sun and pollution, etc makes your wish quite difficult to gain. Therefore a proper and healthy diet can be one of the factor to improve it, lots of hair salons that exist in the market today can help you get the best hairstyle. Arlington Hair Salon is one of those hair salons which gives you the perfect hair care. A good team of professionals working on Aveda concept keeps it feeling like home, as well as offering you the best environment for your healthy and nourished hair.

Working on the concept of Aveda for 20 years makes them a big renowned salon where the well knowledged team serves you with the best of Aveda hair-care products. Since there are lots of hair products on the market which include harsh chemicals that can damage your hair it’s a good choice to go with the natural products and therapy which one can easily find here. People with a lot of hair damage and hair loss can surely go there for a good hair spa with natural products.

Along with good hair service, hair salons offer you the best price and services with the latest trends in the fashion world. A good hair color can definitely add a touch of charm to your hair if it’s done by a good team of professionals. A little haircut and trimming can be the finest way to add glamour to your look. therefore it would not be a good option to wait to get your hair dressed up at an affordable price and with a home like experience.

It becomes difficult for all of us when it comes to changing our look but if you have a trusted hair care expert then no one can stop you from looking unique and stunning.

Healthy hair treats and tips

You don’t always have to invest in big name brands to make your hair appear more volumised, healthier and glossier. In fact, many of the best haircare products can be found in your very own kitchen cupboard.

From olive oil to honey, a number of health-beneficial foods work wonders on dry and damaged locks. Follow these expert beauty tips the next time your hair is in need of an instant boost and see if they work for you too.

Coconut milk

A profound source of fatty acids and protein, coconut milk can also be used as a conditioning treatment. Applying a small amount to dry, brittle and heat-damaged hair will restore softness and shine, whilst also minimising hair breakage and acting as a natural defence to the sun’s UV rays.

In order to make this hair treatment, you’ll need one avocado (peeled and mashed), one cup of coconut milk and one tablespoon of honey. After washing your hair with your usual shampoo and combining all of the ingredients in a small bowl, you have two options as to how to apply the mixture. You can either place it directly on the hair after combining the ingredients together or alternatively, you can heat the mixture for 30-45 seconds for a more intense haircare treatment.

When applying the mixture, it’s important to massage it into both the scalp and the hair. You should then cover your head with a shower cap or warm towel. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can leave this particular treatment on for anything between 15 and 60 minutes. The final stage requires you to wash and style your hair as normal.

Avocado treatment

Those searching for inexpensive hair and beauty tips will be pleased to learn of this easy-to-make, moisturising, softening and deep conditioning mask. Created using one egg yolk, a peeled avocado and one tablespoon of jojoba oil, this is an ideal treatment for those who wish to combat dry and brittle locks. Once all of the ingredients have been combined, simply massage the mixture into the scalp, wait 20 minutes and wash and style as usual.

Honey and olive oil treatment

Olive oil is often used in cooking on a daily basis, yet have you ever considered massaging it into your scalp? When combined with honey – a natural humectant – this mask will moisturise the hair deeply, whilst also promoting hair growth. Mix together half a cup of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil and apply to freshly shampooed hair. Cover hair with a shower cap and leave on for 15-30 minutes.

Everything you need to know about hair extensions

What do you do if you only want long hair some times? You can’t grow it out, then cut it when you want shorter hair, only to grow it out again. It takes far too long, of course there are steps you can take to make your hair grow faster such as keeping your hair wet for long periods of time and spending serious amount of cash on pricey hair treatments to keep your hair in tip top condition, but this is ridiculous and far from ideal.

So what’s the solution?

The solution of course, is hair extensions! You can keep your hair as short as you want, and then pop in some extensions when you feel like some length. This opens your hair up to many new styles and just a little bit of extra length can completely alter your entire look. You can of course get synthetic extensions for your hair, however you can also actually buy extensions made from real human hair!

synthetic hair

Do you want real human hair or synthetic hair?

Well, synthetic hair extensions are usually a fair bit cheaper than their authentic counterparts, but that’s really where the pros end. Real human hair lasts a lot longer than synthetic hair and even more so when you subject the hair to treatments such as dyes and hot styling equipment, such as straighteners. In fact most synthetic hair extensions simply can not be dyed or exposed to heat, the colour will run off (due to the fibres used) and the synthetic hair will actually melt under prolonged heat.

Aren’t hair extensions just for celebrities?

No, not anymore atleast. When first introduced they were not very typical in your average woman’s arsenal, however in more modern times the sight of hair extensions is a lot more common for every woman.

What is “virgin” hair?

Don’t panic! This has nothing to do with the traditional meaning of the word “virgin”. When applied to hair extensions virgin simply means hair that is 100% human hair, it has never been altered by way of a dye, a bleach or a perm, it also must have been cut off the hair donor in one pony tail. As well as this the cuticle layer must not be damaged and they must always face the same direction. It is VERY wise to buy virgin hair when shopping around for your hair extensions.

How do i look after my new hair extensions?

It is of absolutely importance that you take the time to brush out all knots in your new hair extensions whenever you plan to wear them. You must also try to use completely natural shampoos and conditioners which are free from alchohol and other harmful chemicals, this will of course cost a little more, but you’re saving money in the long run as your brand new hair extensions will last a lot longer! Make sure that when washing extensions you use luke warm water and not hot water and this will cause them to dry out.

Of course with all this information buying your new hair extensions seems like a scary and absolutely daunting task, do not fret though, i personally buy my extensions from as they make sure they only supply their customers with the highest quality extensions on the market


How To Prevent & Remove Split Ends?

There is no specific way to remove the split ends, apart from cutting the ends of your hair, but you can take care of your hair and try to prevent them. To begin with, you must identify whether you have split ends in your hair or not. “Trichoptilosis” is the scientific name for split ends and is a result of the longitudinal splitting of your hair fibers. There are three kinds of split ends as follows: –

1)      Generic split ends

2)      Middle end splits, which occur in the middle of the hair strands and resemble a hole once the strand is bunched up.

3)      Multiple splits at the end of the hair strand.

While cutting your own hair, even if it is a single strand, you must always use hair shears. Using regular paper scissors can fray your hair ends and lead to more splits over a period of time. As observed, the single stand knots tend to occur more in dry or curly hair. In order to prevent split ends, you must get a hair cut regularly. For an instance, most hair stylists recommend a hair cut every 6-8 weeks. All kinds of hair can be damaged after a while and so it is advisable to trim your hair by at least an inch to solve any hair problems.


When you have split ends at the end of your hair strands, you only need to trim your hair to fix your problem. However, if you were to have the other kinds of split ends, then you might need to treat your hair accordingly. Lastly, you must never rely on products that claim to remove split ends. Such treatments will seal the split ends in order to make them look healthier, however in reality they fail to reverse the damage.

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