Keep Hair Loss At Bay With The Latest Solutions

Hair loss is an upsetting and frustrating problem that affects the well-being and self-esteem of millions of men and women. Everyone experiences a normal loss of roughly 50 to 100 strands a day through regular hair cycles and new growth. Excessive loss is more apparent and more distressing. More than 50% of men and women will experience significant loss of hair at some time in their lives; with 40% of men having noticeable loss by age 35 and 80% of women by age 60. Fortunately, treatments are available that can help to encourage hair regrowth or prevent further loss.

Hair loss occurs for many reasons,including both genetic and medical. The most common type of loss affecting both men and women is androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as “male pattern balding” and “female pattern loss”. It is generally accepted that genetic background strongly influences the development of this condition. If one or both parents have it, chances are good offspring will too.


There are several medical conditions that can also contribute to hair loss. Telogen effluvium can be a side effect of some medications, such as anti-depressants, beta blockers, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. It can also occur after pregnancy, major weight loss, surgery or extreme stress. Hypothyroidism, iron deficiency anemia, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome in women, auto-immune diseases such as lupus and alopecia areata, and conditions of the scalp like seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis can contribute to loss.

For some patients surgical treatment is an option. Hair restoration is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia. This method uses existing hair from the back and sides of the head and implants it in areas of thin or no hair. For most, the procedure can help bring back the appearance of a fuller head of hair. In patients undergoing the treatment, 94% achieve desired results after one or two procedures.Laser light therapy can also be a useful component of a hair development regime. Low level laser therapy is a safe form of light treatment that is used to treat genetic loss of hair in men and women. Medical studies have shown that laser therapy effectively increases circulation in the scalp, which stimulates follicles and aids the biological process that makes hair.

Natural treatments contain only natural nutrients and are drug-free. They are applied topically and can be beneficial when used on those with scalp conditions. They are most effective when used as a complement to laser light therapy. Carboxytherapy is another unique natural hair loss treatment. The procedure is nearly painless and requires no downtime. C02 gas is injected below the scalp by use of a mesotherapy needle, with the effect of dilating blood vessels. Dilation allows for increased blood flow and nourishment to hair follicles withthe vitamins and nutrients necessary for new hair growth and deterrence of further loss. Custom hairpiece systems are also an option that produces a very natural look. They are composed of human or synthetic hair, which is then attached to existing hair shafts or to a custom -fitted scalp base. If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, consulting a hair loss treatment specialist, such as those found at Micron Laboratories (visit them at,is the best way to learn which options are best for you.

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