Your Own Perfect Fragrance

The sense of smell may be one of the most powerful tools that human beings have, evoking memories associated with past events and other places. This is one of the reasons why our favorite perfumes are so precious to us.

Think about the novels that you have read, the ones in which the hero catch a whiff of heady perfume that transports him to a time spent with a special woman. This is not just a literary device. It is the voice of human experience speaking.

A fragrance tells part of the story of a person’s life. Sandalwood and roses speak of a hidden exotic streak hidden beneath a smartly tailored suit. A hint of lily of the valley softens an austere little black dress.

The search for your own signature scent may takes years as you try first one fragrance and then another. None of them really seems to represent who you really are. There is always a minor tone of discord, no matter what you are wearing.

But when you finally find your own perfect fragrance, you feel whole in some way, a sense of being all of one piece for the first time in your life. Suddenly, your hairstyle, your clothing and your fragrance come together in a synergy that simply says, “This is who I am.”

Maybe you will find this elusive perfect fragrance in an unexpected place such as a drug store shelf. Perhaps it lurks in a department store, waiting just for you.

Perhaps you never visit just the right store that stocks what will become your signature scent. You are then the victim of happenstance and luck.

Exploration and experimentation can be fun, but they can also become very frustrating. This is why so many men and women turn to a single source specializing only in a wide range of fragrances.

It sometimes happens that your favorite fragrance is discontinued by its maker. You feel uneasy as you break open the seal on the last bottle that you have, wondering if it is the last you will ever have.

Fortunately, specialty perfumeries often lay in a supply of discontinued fragrances for people just like you. Finding an old favorite scent after a long and fruitless search is one of those pleasures that cannot be described in words. It is like running into a long-lost lover, winning the lottery and seeing a rainbow all in a second’s time.

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